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Palm Beach Accommodation Guide

Palm Beach, FL is the ideal vacation spot for those who love gorgeous beaches and warm weather. The city is a mecca for those who crave sun and surf. When planning to stay in Palm Beach, you and your family have a wide assortment of accommodations from which to choose. Whether you seek a bed and breakfast, a five-star hotel, boutique hotels, resort hotels, economy hotels, rental villas or anything in between, you can find it at Palm Beach.

Bed and breakfast accommodations are small and intimate, ideal for people seeking a romantic getaway. Five-star hotels provide first-class luxuries for guests. Boutique hotels usually have fewer than 100 rooms and provide accommodations at varying rates. Palm Beach also provides tourists with the opportunity to stay in brand name hotels that are known throughout the U.S. If you prefer to stay in a rental villa or home, you will enjoy all the privacy of your own home. People who love camping also have the option of staying at a campground or RV park.

Once you arrive in Palm Beach, you will enjoy abundant recreational opportunities. One of the first places you should visit is the beach. Palm Beach boasts 47 miles of beaches and you can participate in a variety of aquatic activities. Boating, swimming, surfing, fishing, water skiing, snorkeling and paddleboarding are just a few of the water sports you can enjoy.

If your family enjoys visiting museums, Palm Beach has several in the area. Art lovers will want to check out the Armory Art Center or the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens. Flagler Museum is a castle built by Henry Flagler, a railroad and oil tycoon. He built the castle as a wedding present for his wife. The Flaglers lived in the home from 1902 to 1913. Today, it is a museum featuring a variety of exhibits. The museum is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Those who like their fun a little on the wild side should definitely explore the Palm Beach Zoo where they can see more than 1,400 animals living on 23 acres of tropical land. The kids will love riding the carousel, playing in the interactive water fountain and coming face to face with animals from around the world. Families who enjoy attending performing arts events will find abundant chances to see performances in Palm Beach. Whether you enjoy drama, musical theater, opera or dance, Palm Beach has a show that will suit your taste.

People visiting Palm Beach on vacation have a dizzying array of options when they seek hotel accommodations. Whether you choose a private villa in Florida, a five-star hotel, bed and breakfast or any other type of accommodations, you will have access to countless recreational opportunities that will keep your family busy while staying in Palm Beach.


Traveling to Palm Beach

Palm Beach County in Florida is a top tourist destination for both Americans and tourists from outside America. It forms part of the South Florida Metropolitan Area with three major cities attracting the most tourists, West Palm Beach, Boca Raton and Boynton Beach. Along the coast spectacular beaches at Jupiter, Palm Beach and Boca Raton and Manalapan draw large numbers of sun seekers. It also boasts a large equestrian center at Wellington and superb golfing opportunities at Palm Beach Gardens PGA National Resort and Spa.

Palm Beach has a tropical climate and temperatures never dip below 18 degrees centigrade. May to October is humid and wet whereas November to April is dryer. It is a great destination to visit all year round and if you are heading direct to Palm Beach the best airport to fly into is Palm Beach International Airport. Florida is renowned as a great a fly drive holiday destination so if you fancy taking in a wider range of places you can hire a car and take any one of various different routes throughout Florida.

The best route for incorporating the Palm Beach region is the Gold Coast route, heading north from Miami. This is an affluent area, with symbols of wealth and luxury evident all along the route from private yachts to exclusive golf clubs. You can start in Miami and head to Fort Lauderdale and from there Boca Raton in Palm Beach County is only 17 miles away. Here you can see the distinctive 1920s architectural influence of Addison Mizner, partake in some of the exclusive shopping and exceptional dining available and enjoy spectacular beaches.

From here Delray Beach is just eight miles away. It is a small but cosmopolitan town with lots of art galleries and unique and independent shops including clothing, crafts and antiques. The next stop is Palm Beach and West Palm Beach, which boasts wonderful historic buildings still in use as restaurants, cafes and galleries. This is another place to see the extent of the influence of Mizner`s architecture. Palm Beach is where the seriously rich come to play. West Palm Beach is less affluent but has also developed into a vibrant community and the Kravis Center for Performing Arts is the county`s predominant entertainment complex.

Florida is ideal for a fly drive holiday and you are never short of exciting activities, stunning views and distinctive architecture to amuse you. Just as with car hire at UK airports, getting a car at Florida`s airports is easy as the driving holiday is so well established and well organized. It offers great flexibility too and the freedom of the open road in such a beautiful place is a major draw.


Vacation Check List

To pull off an enjoyable vacation, you need to do some amount of planning first. Spontaneity has its place, however, too much opens your vacation up to too many things going wrong, which can ruin the entire experience. That being said, it is good to have a game plan. Though your checklist will be different depending on the type of vacation, there is a rough outline that is applicable to most vacations. First, determine where you are staying (hotel, campsite, relative/friend`s house). Next, figure out what material items you will need and how much of it. Third, figure out how you are going to occupy your time. It might sound obvious, but if you are new to planning a vacation you might be surprised at how easy it is to forget to figure out what you are doing. Most people only consider one main event and are left wondering what to do for the remainder of the trip. For couples, there is more room for impulsive decisions. However, if it is a family trip, things can get hectic without a vague plan.

Consider the uniqueness of your vacation. If you are going camping in a hot, humid forest, you will want extra bug spray and water and a thinner, more breathable sleeping bag. If you are camping in a chillier place, such as the mountains, you want a thicker sleeping bag. You might also want chewing gum to pop your ears and balance the pressure of higher elevation. If you are also canoing or kayaking, you will want plastic zip lock bags for your cell phone, camera, or anything else that should not get wet. You will also probably want snacks if it is an extended trip, in addition to sunglasses and sunscreen.

Visiting a town for the first time is when planning activities is essential. With outdoor trips such as canoing, camping, hiking, or something similar, that will probably dominate your time. If you are touring, you need to find out about attractions, their hours and any rules they might have so there are no surprises as to what you will be able to do when you get there. Outline the things you would like to see and do.

If you are going to stay in a hotel, you should check with every hotel in that town and compare prices, while taking amenities into consideration. For example, some hotels have outdoor swimming pools, others have indoors, some have both. Some hotels do not have handicap accessible rooms, though most do. However, if you do not need one, there is some chance that a hotel without these will be cheaper. If you are flying instead of driving, you might want a hotel near the airport with shuttle service. Some hotels have on-site restaurants if you do not want to leave to eat. If you need to budget, you can look for local Groupon deals, which often consist of restaurant coupons and hotel discounts. These typically provide a significant discount, upwards of fifty percent off. With these guidelines, your vacation should go smoothly.